Camp Little Tooth

Mercury Free Fillings

At Camp Little Tooth®, we are dedicated to the health and safety of all our little campers. In order to preserve your child’s overall health as well as their dental health, we’re proud to offer mercury-free fillings.

Differences Between Amalgam Fillings & Composite Fillings

The traditional silver fillings, known as amalgam fillings, are comprised of a mixture of metals including mercury. Other metals can include silver, tin, copper, and other trace metals. These types of fillings have been used for over a hundred years and many dentists still offer them today.

Composite fillings, like the ones offered here at our Lafayette, Colorado pediatric dental office, are a safe, mercury-free alternative to traditional amalgam fillings. Additionally, composite fillings are more natural looking than silver fillings, as they can be matched to your child’s tooth color.

If your child already has silver fillings and you’d like to bring him or her in to have these fillings evaluated, please don’t hesitate to contact Camp Little Tooth®. Our children’s dental office is located here in beautiful Lafayette, Colorado. Any questions about our services? Please pick up that trusty phone and give us a call at 303-604-1000.

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