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Meet Our Camp Therapy Dog!

Camp Therapy Dog

MontanaMontana is a loveable Goldendoodle who adores children and we are excited to have him as a part of the Camp team! He is a registered therapy dog through a rigorous testing protocol by Alliance of Therapy Dogs. The use of therapy dogs in health care facilities is a long-standing method to help ease anxiety and create a less stressful environment. A study in pediatrics found that “pet therapy distracts children from pain perception and may possibly activate comforting thoughts regarding companionship and home.” Montana will happily greet your little one when they come to the Camp as well as give them lots of love and comfort after their appointments. We believe that pup therapy is PAWSITIVELY the best kind of therapy there is to help our campers have a great experience at the dentist!

Montana joined the Fulford family in September 2015 as an 8-week-old puppy and has brought so much joy to the family ever since. He is just as active as they are and has joined them on all their many outdoor adventures including hiking, backpacking, camping, mountain biking, and snowshoeing. He climbed his first 14er this past June and loved every minute of the climb! If you would like to see more of Montana’s outdoor adventures, give him a follow on Instagram @montanathedood. Montana has had his share in the limelight and has been featured on many Instagram sites such as The Ellen Show and Goldendoodles of Instagram. In addition, he has been the featured dog on the LA News Circle 7 spotlight. Montana currently models leashes and collars for Sloppy Chops Co. one of our Adventure Pass partners. Montana newest adventure is becoming one of the therapy dog teams with Dr. Rae at the Lafayette Library for the Paws to Read program. If your little one loves to read and loves dogs, come to this wonderful program held two Sunday afternoons per month. To find out more information visit their website here.

Are you uncomfortable with a canine friend in the office while your child is being seen? No problem! We will cheerfully make sure that Montana is not around during the time your child is present in our office.

Frequently Asked Questions about Montana

Q: How long have therapy dogs been used in dental offices and is it safe?
A: Yes! Animals have long been used in health care facilities to provide comfort, ease anxiety and are even known to help lower blood pressure by just petting them. Montana is always groomed and clean when he comes to visit and is not allowed in the treatment areas. Check out the following articles in the Pediatric Dentistry Journal, by the American Dental Association and Dentistry Today about the use of therapy dogs in pediatric dental offices:

Q: Is Montana hypoallergenic?
A: Yes! Montana is non-shedding and a commonly chosen breed for people with allergies. That being said, there can never be any guarantees. If your child has severe allergies or if you have any concerns, please alert the staff and Montana will be placed off duty while you are in our office. Montana is always groomed prior to coming to the office to ensure the highest level of cleanliness.

Q: Is my child allowed to pet Montana?
A: Absolutely!! Montana loves children and welcomes any and all attention especially if you have treats!

Q: Does Montana shed?
A: No he doesn’t. He is part Golden Retriever and part Poodle. His fur is more like that of a poodle and does not shed

Q: Where did Montana get his therapy dog certification?
A: Montana is registered through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD). He went through rigorous behavioral testing to become registered. In addition, Montana has had multiple behavior training classes at the advanced level. Please see the ATD website for additional information on testing requirements.

Q: My child loves Montana! What days is he in the office?
A: Montana joins the Camp team on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Montana in the snow - Camp Little Tooth Pediatric Dentistry
Montana dressed like a horse with a little cowgirl - Camp Little Tooth Pediatric Dentistry
Montana saddlebags - Camp Little Tooth Pediatric Dentistry
Montana with Colorado bandana - Camp Little Tooth Pediatric Dentistry

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