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Silver Diamine Flouride Treatments

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF), is an antibiotic liquid used to control dental cavities and prevent them from becoming more severe. While the traditional way of treating cavities is by receiving a dental filling, SDF can allow our office to stop the decay with a more non-invasive method. SDF is used primarily for young children who have dental cavities in baby teeth.

Silver Diamine Flouride

Silver Diamine Fluoride has been approved by the FDA and is composed of two primary ingredients – silver and fluoride. The silver will serve as an anti-microbial agent, which has been shown to strengthen the layer of the tooth underneath the enamel, known as dentin. Fluoride has been shown to stop tooth decay in its tracks as well as helps to prevent additional decay from forming.

During your child’s appointment, Dr. Rae will thoroughly clean the teeth before the SDF is applied. The compound will only be applied to the affected teeth with a microbrush, and then the solution will need to dry for around two minutes. Once the SDF has been applied, we recommend that your child not have anything to eat or drink for at least an hour.

Why SDF is Used

Below are a few of the circumstances that may warrant the use of silver diamine fluoride:

  • If your child has excessive tooth decay or severe early childhood dental cavities
  • If your child has trouble cooperating for the traditional dental filling process
  • Patients with special needs
  • Children with carious lesions that may otherwise require multiple visits

Benefits of Silver Diamine Flouride

A few of the benefits of SDF include:

  • The procedure is non-invasive and painless
  • The treatment time is quick and simple
  • Puts a stop to tooth decay
  • Effective prevention of dental cavities
  • Relief of tooth sensitivity

Before your child receives SDF, please let us know if he or she is allergic to silver or if there are any painful sores or raw areas on the soft tissues of the mouth.

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