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Pediatric Restorative Dentistry

Dental restorations in children are a way for us to treat dental problems such as tooth decay, dental cavities, and any other damage or disease in order to restore the functionality and aesthetics of the teeth, as well as to prevent further problems. Dental restorations allow the structures of the teeth to remain healthy and will help your child maintain good oral hygiene.

Goals Of Pediatric Restorative Dentistry

Below are a few of the many reasons to consider restorative dentistry for your children:

  • Maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of the teeth
  • Protecting the structures of the remaining teeth
  • Preventing damage from spreading to other areas of the mouth
  • Promoting good oral health habits
  • Helping your child stay proud of his or her smile

Because children cannot always recognize the signs of dental cavities and tooth decay, it’s important to be proactive about your child’s oral health. This is why the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends dental cleanings and exams every six months for your child. The goal of these checkups is not only to maintain good oral hygiene but to catch any potential dental problems early on.

Types Of Dental Restorations In Pediatric Dentistry

Below are some of the most common types of dental restoration offered here at Camp Little Tooth:

Restorative dentistry can be performed both on baby teeth and permanent teeth. Even though baby teeth will eventually fall out, it’s still important that they are kept healthy and cared for in the same way as adult teeth.

Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are used primarily for the early loss of baby teeth. When baby teeth are lost early due to dental cavities, trauma, or extraction, the adjacent teeth may fill in the space left behind. This can compromise the way your child’s adult teeth grow in, causing future orthodontic issues such as overcrowding.

To help avoid these problems, Dr. Raelene Fulford may suggest space maintainers for your child. These space maintainers are used to save the space originally filled by the lost baby tooth, for the permanent tooth to grow into. Space maintainers are stainless steel bands and loops, which fit into the empty space and remain there until the permanent tooth begins to erupt. It will then be removed by Dr. Rae in our pediatric dental office.

For more information about the pediatric restorative options offered here at Camp Little Tooth, please contact our pediatric dentist office in Lafayette, Colorado. Our children’s dentist and our amazing office team serves the communities of Lafayette, Louisville, Broomfield, Erie, Boulder, Superior and Todd Creek, Colorado.

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