Camp Little Tooth

Pediatric Dental Crowns

Types of Kid's Dental Crowns

Camp Little Tooth® offers two types of crowns, traditional stainless steel, and highly esthetic zirconia white crowns.

Stainless Steel Crowns

Stainless steel crowns are strong metal caps that cover the entire tooth and are hard to lose or damage. They have a smooth polished surface which makes them easy to clean and are long-lasting.

  • May offer an alternative to removing a decayed tooth
  • Keep a space in your child’s mouth for a permanent tooth
  • Will fall out naturally when the baby tooth falls out
  • Contain only safe metals
    Are simple to apply (similar to a regular filling).

White Crowns

If you prefer the look an all-natural tooth instead of traditional silver crowns, Camp Little Tooth® is proud to offer all white crowns made by EZCrowns. These crowns are made of solid Zirconia, a biocompatible material that, until now, has only been used in high-end, adult cosmetic dentistry. Composed entirely of one solid tooth-colored material, they look extremely esthetic, both from the front view and on the inside of the mouth. Each crown is glazed with a hint of natural color, making them very smooth, shiny, and impermeable to staining. They are exceptionally strong, and their unsurpassed esthetics allow them to blend in seamlessly with surrounding natural teeth.

A few of the benefits of zirconia crowns include:

  • A variety of pre-fabricated sizes to allow for fast and easy placement.
  • Strong and solid ceramic material
  • A natural and more aesthetically pleasing appearance

Here at Camp Little Tooth®, we put an emphasis on prevention, hoping that your child will never have the need for a dental crown. However, if dental damage does occur, we’re happy to be able to offer zirconia crowns. We can help you determine if these crowns are right for your child and his or her unique dental circumstances. For more information, or to ask Dr. Rae today if your child is a candidate for EZCrowns, give us a call at 303-604-1000!

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