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BPA Free Sealants

Dental sealants are used to help protect the vulnerable pits and grooves on the top chewing surfaces of your child’s teeth, especially the molars. You may not know that around 75% of tooth decay and dental cavities form in these grooves and pits. This is because while children are still learning to brush, they might be missing these small spaces, allowing bacteria to build up. In these situations, the dental sealant is used to seal off the deeper pits and grooves, providing an easier-to-clean smooth surface.

Uses Of Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are primarily used on children. Sealants can be applied as soon as your child’s last molars appear, around the age of six. Some adults suffer from weak tooth enamel and may choose to have sealants applied, but children are the primary recipients of dental sealants.

BPA Free Sealants

Here at Camp Little Tooth®, we’re proud to announce that all of our sealants are BPA free. Traditional dental sealants contain BPA, which is a volatile estrogenic agent and can pose a danger to your child’s health. We put your child’s health and safety first, and it’s important to us that all of our supplies and equipment are safe for kids!

What to Expect When Having Sealants Applied

The process of receiving dental sealants is usually quick and painless. First, your child’s teeth will be cleaned and cotton will be used to keep the teeth dry. Next, a bonding solution will be painted onto the teeth to help keep the sealant bonded to the teeth. Lastly, the liquid sealant material will be applied to the teeth, especially into the grooves of the back molars. Once the sealant has dried, you will be able to care for your child’s teeth as normal, making sure to teach him or her how to practice good oral hygiene.

Please contact Camp Little Tooth® Pediatric Dentistry today to make an appointment for your child to receive dental sealants. Our pediatric dental office is located in Lafayette, Colorado.

Any questions about sealants can be happily answered by giving our kid’s dental staff a call at 303-604-1000.

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