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Kid's Sports Guards

Here at Camp Little Tooth®, we know how great sports are for kids. Sports improve motor skills and provide great exercise, while also helping kids learn how to solve conflicts and work as a team. Unfortunately, there are also some risks that go along with sports participation, especially for the teeth and mouth. Contact sports like football and karate are especially dangerous. In fact, around 3 million teeth are lost due to sports activities every year!

If your child plays any type of organized sport, a mouth guard should be an important part of their athletic equipment, especially in high-risk or contact sports. These include karate, football, gymnastics, boxing, skating, etc.

Benefits Of Using A Sports Guard

There are many benefits of wearing a mouth guard during sports activities, including:

  • Custom-made sports guards are able to help protect the soft tissues in your child’s mouth from any cuts or lacerations on the mouth, lips, tongue, or cheeks.
  • Sports guards are able to absorb and distribute the impact of a blow to your child’s face during sports. Even a hit that might otherwise cause trauma will only leave your child feeling a little bit sore.
  • Lastly, sports guards are great at shock absorption, allowing the mouth to bounce off the force of an impact. This will not only protect the teeth and soft tissues but can even prevent a concussion.

How To Care For Your Child's Sports Guard

Below are a few tips on how to take care of your child’s custom-made sports guard:

  • Make sure your child rinses his or her sports guard after each use.
  • Store the sports guard in a sturdy container. This container should have ventilation to avoid the buildup of bacteria.
  • If the sports guard begins to show signs of wear or if your child complains that it doesn’t fit as well anymore, it should immediately be replaced.

To make an appointment for your child to receive a custom sports guard, please don’t hesitate to contact Camp Little Tooth®. Our pediatric dental office is located here in Lafayette, Colorado. Give us a call for all of your children’s sports guard needs! Our phone number is 303-604-1000.

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