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Pediatric Dental Preventative Care

Here at Camp Little Tooth, we put a lot of emphasis on prevention. The best way to prevent dental problems is to practice good oral hygiene and to teach your children how to do the same. You can care for your child’s teeth even before he or she has teeth by wiping the gums with a soft cloth after feedings. For older children, make sure you brush their teeth at least twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste and flossing daily. Lastly, make sure you bring your child to visit Dr. Rae here at Camp Little Tooth every six months for a dental cleaning and an oral exam.

Additionally, if your child has all of his or her baby teeth including the molars, you may want to consider having dental sealants applied to your child’s teeth. Dental sealants can help prevent dental cavities by protecting the hard-to-reach grooves and depressions in the back molars.

Preventative Care

In short, our preventative plan of attack includes the following:

  • Dental cleanings and exams every six months
  • Practicing good oral hygiene
  • Receiving fluoride treatments at our office
  • Orthodontic evaluation with Dr. Rae

To learn more about preventing dental disease in your children, or to make an appointment for your child to receive dental sealants, please contact Camp Little Tooth, located here in Lafayette, Colorado. We’re also proud to provide preventative pediatric dental care to children in Lafayette, Louisville, Broomfield, Erie, Boulder, Superior, Colorado and Todd Creek, Colorado. Choose Camp Little Tooth as your local pediatric dentist in Boulder County today!

Any questions about your child’s oral hygiene can be happily answered by giving our kid’s dental staff a call at 303-604-1000.

We're accepting new campers and can't wait to meet your little ones!

Teledentistry - Camp Little Tooth Pediatric Dentistry


During this time of social distancing, we are pleased to offer TeleDentistry as a way for our camp families to safely connect with us in the event of an emergency. Our goal is to provide you with the same great care you are accustomed to from the safety of your home.

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Calling All New Campers!

Our one-of-a-kind pediatric dental office is currently accepting new patients. We can't wait to meet your family and we're going to make going to the dentist fun for your kids and easy on you! We've got all the information about making a pediatric dental appointment at Camp Little Tooth®!

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Meet Montana The Camp Dog!

Woof! Montana is pawsitively everyone's favorite Camp Dog! Montana is a registered therapy dog who loves children and is always happy to greet your little one as well as give them lots of love and comfort after their appointments.

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