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Ensuring every child in Lafayette, Colorado, and surrounding areas receives top-notch dental services is our mission. Discover the benefits of our Camp Little Tooth® Membership Plan, designed to provide the best in pediatric dental care regardless of family financial situations.

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Calling All New Campers!

Our one-of-a-kind pediatric dental office is currently accepting new patients. We can't wait to meet your family and we're going to make going to the dentist fun for your kids and easy on you! We've got all the information about making a pediatric dental appointment at Camp Little Tooth®!

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Meet Montana The Camp Dog!

Woof! Montana is pawsitively everyone's favorite Camp Dog! Montana is a registered therapy dog who loves children and is always happy to greet your little one as well as give them lots of love and comfort after their appointments.

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Tour Our Pediatric Dental Office

Canoes instead of exam chairs. A treehouse instead of a waiting room. There is even a coffee station for parents. Serving Lafayette, Boulder, Superior, Broomfield, and more! Could this be the best pediatric dental office ever?!

Who Is Dr. Rae?

A recipient of the prestigious “Top Dentist in Colorado” award for the past three years and the winner of the award for Excelling in Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Raelene Fulford, DDS appreciates the trust you place in her to treat your child. She is committed to helping her campers achieve and maintain healthy smiles throughout their entire childhood.

Serving Lafayette, Boulder, Superior,
Broomfield, Erie and Louisville CO!

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Camp Little Tooth®

Adrienne G
12 January 2024
Outstanding and exciting! This pediatric dentist is one-of-a-kind. My young child has only ever come here for routine visits and absolutely adores it. Dr. Rae is professional and empathetic. The staff is efficient and kind. My child feels so safe and happy here-- they talk to her like she's the most important patient ever! We have had excellent dental care here and love the perks like camp tokens and prizes. Thanks for being part of the Lafayette community, Camp LIttle Tooth!
Carrie Riesberg
1 November 2023
We love Camp Little Tooth and Dr. Rae! Our daughter is two and for weeks/months after her dental visits she asks if she can go back to the dentist. She loves it!
Tomas Mascarenas
13 October 2023
This place has great service and the Dr is amazing but the front counter staff is the worst I have ever encountered. They truly have made my experience there that bad that I feel obligated to give a review on my experience. The staff has acted like they can do no wrong and on every turn they made up excuse after excuse for there poor attitudes. The Dr literally had to contact just about every visit to apologize on her staffs behalf. Please Dr.Rae hire a new office staff to match your greatness.
Essie Hengeveld
5 October 2023
TL;DR: This dentist is the best thing that has happened to my kid's medical experience. Frankly, I'm jealous that I can't be a patient here. Amazing. 5/5 stars. Long Version: I don't know how to express the relief and joy I feel at having found this dentist. I have a kiddo with diagnosed anxiety and sensory issues. She struggles with anything loud, weird, scary, unpredictable and especially anything medical. The dentist was terrifying. Then we found Camp Little Tooth. Camp Little Tooth has a whole theme: the kids are at camp. There's kayaks and campers and plaid blankets. There are screens on the ceiling so kids can watch movies while they lay there. Kids earn tokens and get to buy prizes at the end. Every dental assistant learns how to make balloon animals. There's a therapy dog. But it goes deeper. Everyone at this practice understands kids and knows how hard the dentist can be. They take their time and want each experience to be a positive one. Parents of special needs kids: you know that disapproving look/feeling you get from other people when your kid just won't do the thing that every other kid can do? And you feel sort of embarrassed? You will not get that look here. They get it. They'll wait. At the first visit, my kiddo could barely lay down on the table, much less have a cleaning. At the second visit, my kiddo could tolerate more, but the polishing was out of the question. But by the third visit, we were able to slowly but surely get every tooth cleaned, flossed and fluoridated. They carefully documented everything that worked for her in their file, so that we can be successful next time. Perhaps more importantly, the morning of the third appointment, my kiddo cheerfully told her school bus driver "I get to go to the dentist today!" At any other practice, we might eventually have been able to get her teeth cleaned, but at Camp Little Tooth, she's comfortable, relaxed and EXCITED TO GO TO THE DENTIST. I would strongly recommend this dentist for any child, but particularly children who have had or are likely to have difficult experiences at the dentist.
Michele Fitzwilliam
1 October 2023
Camp Little Tooth does what it’s supposed to do: care for my kiddos mouths. Medical offices during Covid had clear rules and I appreciated how Camp Little Tooth tried to keep my kids safe while we were there. I did not want to suspend dental care during the highest Covid risk. Dr. Rae is a thoughtful small business owner and a very skilled doctor while she is also playing into her kid-friendlyness. I trust her with my kids implicitly. My only frustration, if I had to find one, is how long appointments often take. But that’s probably my own problem. I have never been disappointed with the level of care of my kids received. In addition to regular cleanings, Camp Little Tooth saw my daughter after a severe fall. She was cleared by medical but needed dental help. Dr Rae monitored my daughter’s teeth, took an x-ray, and gave us info and routines to help the teeth set back into place so that they would not fall out. She saw us in the evening because she wanted to fit us in. I appreciate all she does as a medical professional and as an office in high demand. Thank you!
Rob Polivka
7 September 2023
A fantastic dentist with a very patient and attentive staff. The whole place is decked out like a camp, with lots of fun things for the kids to do. But beyond that, Dr. Rae is kind and gentle, great with kids. Highly recommended
Sayuri Carlbom
31 August 2023
We love Dr. Rae and her staff (especially Montana)! We have been coming here for several years after having a bad experience at a different Pediatric practice in Lafayette. Camp Little Tooth's staff have been nothing but kind, patient, and encouraging. The set up of the environment is so amazing, too. My little had to have a tooth pulled, which is a scary event, but little was brave and always looks forward to their visits. I'm glad little's experiences with dental work is drastically different from the traumatic ones of my youth. This is a fantastic place for children and I am constantly recommending them to friends and family.
Lihua Zhong
8 June 2023
Camp little tooth is great with my son. We have been going to them for over 2 years. My son absolutely likes his dentist visits.
Jenna Gasquet
9 May 2023
There just aren’t enough good things to say about this place. They’re professional, timely, friendly, and everyone there clearly loves kids. Amazing people and such a fun, easygoing environment.

Pediatric Dentistry at Camp Little Tooth®

Dr. Rae’s passion for children and the love of the outdoors was the inspiration for Camp Little Tooth®. Dr. Rae believes that a kid’s dental office does not have to be an intimidating experience but one of warmth where laughter is the prescribed medicine. Camp Little Tooth® offers a full range of top rated pediatric dental services and treatments.

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