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Using the Tooth Fairy to Teach Your Children About Oral Hygiene

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Tooth fairyLosing teeth is a big deal for kids. It marks the transition from baby to big kid! Our children excitedly await a visit from the Tooth Fairy after losing a tooth and we can use this interest and excitement to teach our kids more about the importance of their dental health and oral hygiene.

Tooth Fairy as a Teaching Tool

Below are a few ideas for how you can use the Tooth Fairy to teach your children how to better care for their smiles:

  • Leave a note – Consider leaving a personalized note from the Tooth Fairy to your child. In this note, you can include helpful tips for your child to care for his or her oral health as well as praise for a clean, healthy tooth. The Tooth Fairy can also remind your child to brush twice a day, floss daily, and visit the dentist every six months.
  • Give oral health gifts – In around 98% of homes, the Tooth Fairy leaves money as a reward for a tooth. Instead, consider leaving an oral health gift such as toothpaste with a fun flavor or a new toothbrush with your child’s favorite cartoon character. You can also leave a children’s book about the Tooth Fairy to read together as a family!
  • Talk about the Tooth Fairy early on – Even before your children begin to lose their teeth, you can discuss the Tooth Fairy and let them know that she only wants to see healthy teeth. This can provide your child with motivation to care for their own dental health.

The Tooth Fairy tradition has been shown to foster goodwill towards dental hygiene for children. No matter what the Tooth Fairy leaves for your child, he or she will be more motivated than ever to brush and floss routinely. These habits begin in childhood, but will set the stage for good oral hygiene habits well into adulthood.

To make an appointment for your child to visit our pediatric dental office, please contact Camp Little Tooth today! Our pediatric dentist is located here in Lafayette, Colorado.

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