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School Lunch Ideas for Healthy Teeth

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Mother and child packing school lunchOver summer vacation it’s easy to make sure your kids are eating the right kinds of food and practicing good oral hygiene habits. However, once they’re in school, these things can be a little more difficult to monitor. Especially if your child eats lunch provided by their school, which may include some unhealthy options. There’s a much better chance that your kids will eat healthy at school if they take a lunch packed at home.

Healthy School Lunch Tips

Below are a few things to consider packing in your child’s lunch to help promote good dental and overall health:

  • Apples – Not only are apples great for your child’s overall health, but they’re also a very tooth-friendly fruit. This is because the fibrous texture of apples scrubs the teeth and gums while being eaten, cleaning and even whitening the teeth as your child bites into them! Apples also promote fresh breath!
  • Carrots – Packing a bag of baby carrots in your child’s lunch will provide him or her with fiber and Vitamin A! Eating carrots is also a great way to promote saliva production in the mouth, helping to wash away plaque and harmful bacteria.
  • Yogurt – Low-fat yogurt in your child’s lunchbox will provide plenty of calcium and casein, which is a protein known for strengthening tooth enamel and helping to prevent dental cavities. Yogurt also has lots of good bacteria that will contribute to a healthy pH balance in your child’s mouth.
  • Cheese – Like yogurt, cheese is also full of casein and calcium. Packing sliced cheese or string cheese in your child’s lunchbox is a great way to provide him or her with these vital proteins.
  • Water – Lastly, make sure your child has plenty of water to drink. Not only to keep him or her hydrated, but to help wash away any leftover food debris or bacteria left in the mouth after lunch.

Here at Camp Little Tooth, your child’s health is our top priority! To make an appointment for your kids to receive their regular dental cleaning and exam, please contact our Lafayette, Colorado child’s dental office today!

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