Quality Dental Care For Special Needs Kids
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Quality Dental Care For Special Needs Kids

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Little girl smiling up closeThe American Academy of Pediatrics has found that dental care is the most unmet need for children with special needs. As a matter of fact, special needs kids are twice as likely to suffer from untreated dental problems than their peers. Here at Camp Little Tooth, this statistic is absolutely unacceptable, and it is our goal to do everything we can to reverse it for the special needs children of Lafayette, Colorado.

Why Special Needs Kids Are Less Likely To Receive Quality Dental Care

Sadly, there are quite a few reasons why children with special needs are more likely to skip dental care. These reasons include:

  • Giving lower priority to dental hygiene, and higher priority to the myriad other medical needs
  • Difficulty finding a dentist who is able to understand and meet the needs of special needs children
  • Financial strain caused, in part, by other medical bills
  • Difficulty finding a dental office with special needs access into the building
  • The very nature of the special needs suffered by the child

Dr. Fulford and the rest of the staff understand and sympathize with these issues. However, we also know that children with special needs are even more vulnerable to dental cavities and need dental care just as much as, if not more than, their peers. This is due to:

  • Needing medications that may contain extra sugar
  • Difficulty swallowing all of their food, causing debris to linger in the mouth
  • An inability to perform daily oral hygiene habits
  • Weakening muscles in the mouth
  • Medications that can cause dry mouth as a side effect

It is our goal to provide each and every child here in Lafayette, Colorado with quality dental care, no matter the special needs they may have. Dr. Fulford is patient, gentle, and comforting, and everyone in the office will do all we can to provide a positive atmosphere for our little camper patients.

To learn more about our pediatric dental office or to make an appointment with Dr. Raelene Fulford, please contact Camp Little Tooth Pediatric Dentistry, located in Lafayette, Colorado.

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