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Make Dental Checkups Part of Your Child’s Back-to-School Routine!

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As the new school year approaches, many families are preparing by doing a little back-to-school shopping for clothes, school supplies, and a new backpack. Many families also have a few back-to-school traditions before sending their kids back to school in the fall. Here at Camp Little Tooth, we recommend making dental cleanings and checkups a part of this tradition!

Children in school environmentOnce school is back in session, it can be difficult to make and keep dental appointments. We know how quickly schedules can fill up and what a pain it can be to check your child in and out of class for appointments. Instead of dealing with all of this, make back-to-school dental checkups a part of the end of summer routine!

Importance of Back-to-School Checkups

Below are a few great reasons to consider back-to-school dental checkups:

  • Early detection – Catching any potential problems early on will improve the outcome of any dental issue. Procedures are usually less painful and costly for problems that are still in their early stages. We can even prevent any potential problems from occurring at all, if caught quickly enough. This is why regular dental exams are so important!
  • Avoiding school absences – Around 52 million hours of school are missed every year due to dental problems and appointments! Make sure your child isn’t missing any valuable school time because of toothaches or dental problems.
  • Overall health improvement – Healthy teeth can improve your child’s overall health as well. If left untreated, childhood tooth decay and dental cavities can eventually lead to infections, problems with speaking and eating, and even malnutrition. This will make it even more difficult for your child to participate and succeed in school.
  • Easier maintenance – Lastly, a clean and healthy smile is much easier to maintain. Help your child ease into the school year more smoothly by providing him or her with a clean, sparkly smile!

Here at Camp Little Tooth, we want each of our patients to start the school year with a smile they can be proud to show off! Please contact our Lafayette, Colorado children’s dentist to schedule an appointment for your child’s back-to-school dental checkup!

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