Common Oral Healthcare Mistakes Made By Parents
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Common Oral Healthcare Mistakes Made By Parents

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Here at Camp Little Tooth, we know that all parents mean well and want the best for their children. However, even well-meaning parents may be making mistakes when it comes to caring for their child’s teeth. In fact, around 42% of children will develop dental cavities in their baby teeth!

Common Dental Mistakes Made By Parents

Couple with a babyWe don’t want any of our little campers to experience tooth decay or dental cavities. The best way to ensure healthy teeth is through educating both children and their parents. Below are a few ways that you may unknowingly be harming your child’s dental health.

  • Putting off the first appointment – Many parents put off their child’s first dental appointment, but experts agree that children should first visit the dentist by the age of one or by the emergence of his or her first tooth, whichever comes first.
  • Skipping the fluoride – While fluoride has been controversial in the past, experts agree that it’s one of the best ways to avoid dental cavities. Pay close attention to the dose, though. For kids under two, only use a smear of toothpaste. For kids older than two, a pea-sized amount is best. If you have concerns about fluoride, please discuss them with Dr. Rae at your child’s next appointment.
  • Putting children to bed with juice or milk – Putting a child to bed with any drink other than water is allowing sugar and bacteria to sit on the enamel overnight, causing tooth decay and dental cavities. Never put children to bed with a bottle of anything other than water.
  • Allowing kids to care for their own teeth – It’s important to teach kids how to care for their own teeth, but until they’re around the age of 7 or 8, they should be closely monitored. Make sure your child is brushing all of his or her teeth for at least two minutes.

The best way to make sure your child has strong, healthy teeth is by practicing good at-home oral hygiene. This includes brushing at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, flossing each day, and visiting a pediatric dentist every 6 months for a dental cleaning and an exam.

To make your child’s dental appointment here at Camp Little Tooth, please call our Lafayette, Colorado children’s dental office today! Also serving Broomfield, CO. Find Broomfield child dentist, Broomfield dentistry for children today.

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